Henry I Part I

dennis henry 1841 (640x440)
From England census 1841

The next breakthrough came when I obtained a copy of the 1841 census for Leicestershire on compact disc (CD) (which I cannot find). It seemed sensible to try Bagworth, Leicestershire, as Eliza was born there in about 1851. Some records were illegible and some difficult to read. Among the latter, in the coal mining village of Bagworth, were two adjacent Dennis families. At first I was unable to decipher the first name of the first head of household, but he was a miner, aged 26, with Dorothy, 25, and George, 7, Mary, 4, and William, 1. The next household was a shade clearer: William, 35, coal miner, Elizabeth, 35, a girl beginning with P, 13, Thomas, 8, and Mary, 1.

I printed out an enlarged version and traced with a red pencil the image as though I was writing and the best fit gave me Henry. This was surely the right family; my great great grandparents. But who was this neighbour William?

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