Henry I Part II

Finding Henry’s parents

The larger image below is a copy of my scribbled working out in my notebooks.

Click on images for larger version

I had discovered from Henry’s baptism that his parents’ names were William Dennies and Elizabeth. Mother’s maiden name was not given and by 1841 Henry had married and lived separately from parents, so at first sight, finding out directly Elizabeth’s age, birthplace and maiden name looked challenging. My main hope, apart from the Micawber approach – “something will turn up” – was that there would be a sibling either born 1837 or after or whose birth did record mother’s maiden name.

I quickly realised, given the range of birth dates – 1797-1860 – that there must have been more than one mother named Elizabeth Dennis.  And there appeared to be branches in Oakthorpe and Moira.

Soon:  the evidence …

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