Local names

AK mf 1840-1859

brownhills 1861 u 21 names
Comparing Andrew’s Kindred with Brownhills about 1859-1861

Continuing my exploration of first name frequency: were the names in Andrew’s Kindred (AK) different from the general population in my home town?

As it turns out, not by much. The top male names are in a different order and Henry was more frequent in AK. In females the top four names were the same, but Ellen, Martha, Francis and Fanny were more frequent than generally. For both genders the top names accounted for higher percentages than the general population, but the overall patterns are similar.

It should be noted that I am comparing AK 1840-1859 with people under 21 years in 1861 (1841-1861), but this is unlikely to make any significant difference. The patterns for under 21’s and the general population were almost identical, indicating a flat trend in top name frequency, which is to be expected following earlier analysis.

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