1939 and all that: PS

This is a postscript to 1939 and all that.  A visit to Grandad’s house, which stood, and still stands, at the corner of Castle Street and Watling Street, Brownhills, West Midlands.

“The Crest” today.  On the left.
The brothers Dennis:  L to R: Derrick (my father), Frank, Walter, Alan, at “The Crest”.

I can’t be sure about when and why this photo was taken, but it would be about the right time.  Uncle Frank had a camera by then and I guess Grandad Sam Dennis is pressing the shutter button.  At the outbreak of war in September 1939 these chaps would be aged (again L to R) 13, 16 , 26, and 21, which looks about right.  It might have been Alan’s 21st birthday, but I doubt anyone really knows.

Given that Grandparents had lived through World War One they might have expected their sons to be called up to some kind of action, with the chance that they might not come back, and it would be natural to take the opportunity.   I am pretty sure that by then Frank had a camera and probably developed the film himself.

As it turned out they were all able to celebrate VE Day and VJ Day unharmed.


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