A Tettenhall Wedding

My hope here is that names can be put to more of the faces.  The event is the wedding of Norman Grace to Lilian Hill (formally Edith Lilian) on 2 August 1937 at Tettenhall Wood Parish Church, Wolverhampton.  On the second image I have numbered the people for ease of reference.  So, if you can add names to faces, please reply.  Sadly, I don’t have a higher resolution image.



Nos. 25 & 26 are Norman Grace and Lilian (Hill).

The ones I know or have been told about are:  1 Derrick Arthur Dennis (my father), 63 Samuel Dennis (Derrick’s father), 47 Harriet Jane “Nan” Dennis (nee Evans) (Derrick’s mother), 29 Mary Ann Hill (nee Evans, Harriet’s aunt), 30 Francis Fowler (Mary Ann’s sister), 32 Albert Fowler (Francis’ husband), 50 Francis Ward (nee Shadbolt), 52 Bernard Fowler, 53 Gerald Fowler, 59 Lionel Fowler, 68 Sidney Cox, 2 Howard Ward, 5 Sam Ward.

Other thoughts.

23 Lilian’s sister?

John and Ruth Giles (nee Evans, Harriet’s aunt) ought to be there (48?).

There is a follow-up with more names here.

3 thoughts on “A Tettenhall Wedding

  1. #1 Derrick Arthur Dennis
    #2 Howard Ward
    #5 Sam Ward
    #7 Keith Cattell. Keith is the son and only child of Freda and Frank Cattell. Freda (nee Grace) was Norman’s sister.
    #19 Lilian Harper (nee Fisher). ?Alice Fisher’s sister. Alice Fisher was the wife of George Grace, Norman’s father.
    #20 Freda Cattell (nee Grace) – Norman’s sister.
    #21 Constance Winifred Grace, Norman’s sister. Married to Harold Spink.
    #27 Ruby McDonnell (nee Grace) Norman’s sister.
    #29 Mary Ann Hill (nee Evans, Lillian’s mother, and Harriet Jane Evan’s sister)
    #30 Francis Fowler (nee Evans), married Albert Fowler #32.
    #36 Lucy Grace married to Francis Grace #56, Norman’s brother.
    #38 Alice Fisher ? married to #67 George Fisher
    #40 Norman Hill, known as “Sonny” – Lillian’s brother.
    #40a (?) lady by Norman’s shoulder, is Annie Jelfs (nee Fisher) ?married to #58 Robert Jelfs.
    #47 Harriet Jane “Nan” Dennis (nee Evans, Derrick’s mother and Mary Ann Evan’s sister).
    #50 Francis Ward, (nee Shadbolt).
    #52 Bernard Fowler
    #53 Gerald Fowler
    #56 Francis Grace married to Lucy Grace #36
    #59 Lionel Fowler
    #57 George Grace, Norman’s father.
    #58 Robert Jelfs married to Annie Jelfs #40a
    #61 Harry Spink, married to Constance Winifred Grace #21
    #63 Samuel Dennis (Derrick’s father)
    #64 Frank Cattell – married to #20 Freda Grace
    #67 George Fisher
    #68 Howard Ward

    Keith Cattell, cousin to my husband Norman John, (always called John), wondered if the photo was taken at the back of the Oddfellows pub in Compton.

    I will send the photo and key to John’s cousins, Keith Cattell and Jenny Spinks and see if they can identify any others. Since Keith is on there and he was 5 when Norman and Lillian got married, I think Jenny might be on there too as she is only 2 years younger than Keith. #48 looks like the other Evan’s girls. #23 is not Lillian’s sister, there was only Lillian and Norman “Sonny” Hill. She looks a lot like Sonny’s wife, who was Violet Howell. John’s grandfather, Thomas Henry Hill, married Mary Ann Evans, has to be on the photo too. Since Lillian and Sonny had very dark hair, the only other unidentified man on the photo with dark hair is #65. Anyway, let’s see if any others can be identified. More as soon as I hear back from Keith and Jenny.



    1. Thanks. Christine. This looks great! I will have a look later. Oddfellows seems obvious now it has been said, possibly where the car park is now. Dad and I had lunch there, but we hadn’t seen the photo by then.



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