The Wedding Party

This is a follow-up to A Tettenhall Wedding.  I am indebted to Christine for her considerable generosity in naming most of the people.

Wedding of Norman Grace to Lilian Hill (formerly Edith Lilian) on 2 August 1937 at Tettenhall Wood Parish Church, Wolverhampton.

And the numbered version:

lilian-wedding-1937Children:  1 Derrick Arthur Dennis (my father), 2 Howard Ward, 5 Sam Ward, 6 Miriam Harper, 7 Keith Cattell.  2nd row:  19 Lilian Harper (nee Fisher), 20 Freda Cattell (nee Grace, Norman’s sister), 21 Constance Winifred Grace (Norman’s sister, married to Harold Spink), 25 Norman Grace (groom), 26 Lillian Hill (bride), 27 Ruby McDonnell (nee Grace, Norman’s sister), 29 Mary Ann Hill (nee Evans, Lillian’s mother, and Harriet Jane Evans’ aunt), 30 Francis Fowler (nee Evans).  3rd row:  32 Albert Fowler, 36 Lucy Grace (married to 56 Francis Grace, Norman’s brother), 38 Alice Fisher (married to 67 George Fisher), 40 Norman Hill (known as “Sonny”, Lillian’s brother), 40a Annie Jelfs (nee Fisher, ? married to 58 Robert Jelfs), 47 Harriet Jane Dennis (nee Evans, 1 Derrick’s mother and 63 Samuel’s wife, see note 19), 50 Francis Ward (nee Shadbolt).  4th row:  52 Bernard Fowler, 53 Gerald Fowler, 56 Francis Grace (married to 36 Lucy Grace), 57 George Grace (Norman’s father), 58 Robert Jelfs (married to 40a Annie Jelfs), 59 Will “Billy” Harper, 61 Harry Spink (married to 21 Constance Winifred Grace), 63 Samuel Dennis (1 Derrick’s father), 64 Frank Cattell (married to 20 Freda Grace).  Back row: 66 (see note), 67 George Fisher, 68 Howard Ward.


We think the location might be the Oddfellows Arms at Compton, Wolverhampton.

1.  Derrick was my father, son of 63 Sam Dennis and 47 Harriet Jane (nee Evans).

7. Keith Cattell is the son and only child of Freda and Frank Cattell. Freda (nee Grace) was Norman’s sister.

23.  Violet Howell?  (Wife of 40, Norman “Sonny” Grace.)

29.  “Aunt Mary” and her neighbour 30 “Aunt Francis” were Harriet’s aunt, being sisters to her mother, also Harriet Jane Evans.

32.  Albert Fowler married Francis Evans, image here.

48.  Ruth Giles ?  Ruth was sister to Mary Ann and Francis Evans, another of Harriet’s aunts. Married to John Walter Giles.

59.  Will Harper married 19 Lillian Fisher.  Their daughter 6 Miriam.

66.  Thomas Henry Hill ?  (Husband of 29 Mary Ann).

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