Upton Girl

Findmypast (FMP) has added Birmingham Archdiocesan Archives, that is Roman Catholic records of baptism, confirmation, marriage, burial and other congregational records.  This is of interest to me because my maternal line takes me to the Bishops Wood area of southern Staffordshire, where their rites were mainly Catholic.

Walter from Tong

Once again I quickly found reference to someone I knew about.  This was Gualterius Upton, Walter to you and me.


Die 25ta Martii 1833 natus et die 7ma Aprilis 1846 baptizus fuit sub condi # Gualterius Upton filus Maria Upton (olim Daw) conjugum a me Guliermo Richmond Misso Apco.  Patrimus fuit # Degitis domo Matris apeed Bishop’s Wood.  Matrinus fuit _______________.


Aprilis = April
conjugum = married
degitis = time spent
die = day
domo = home
filia = daughter, filius = son
fuit = was
Martii = March
Matrimus = Godmother
natus = was born (nata is female version)
olim = once (or formerly)
Patrimus = Godfather
sub condi = under (or subject to) conditions
vidua = widow


On the 25 day of March 1833 was born and on the 7th day of April 1846 was baptised subject to conditions (#) Walter Upton son of Mary Upton (formerly Daw) married, by me Guliermo Richmond, Apostolic Missionary.
Godfather was (none) #Spent time at home of mother abode Bishop’s Wood.
Godmother was (none).

So, I could now add date of birth, but who was Mary Daw?  Well, it says she was married, but I have not yet found a relevant record.

There was also a baptism of Walter Upton at Tong, Shropshire, which is not far from Bishop’s Wood, on 29 Mar 1833, mother Mary.  No father’s name was given.  It is annoying to me that the transcribers have not recorded that Mary was a widow, which is patently clear from the image on FMP.  This baptism date fits Walter’s age (18) in the 1851 census and his birth four days before.

The abode given is “Work House”, which was at Tong Norton.  This may simply have been because Mary was widowed, rather than being destitute, though she did have five children to look after.

Now for the Upton girl

On the previous page I found the baptism of a Maria Upton, who was about 57 years old, on the day before Walter.  It seemed likely they were linked: perhaps they were mother and son?

Die 6ta Julii 1788 nata et die 6ta Aprilis 1846 baptiza fuit sub condi Maria Upton, vidua, filia Josua et Anne Parker (olim _____ ) conjugum a me Guliemo Richmond Misso Apco.
Patrinus fuit __________

Matrinus fuit _________

Essentially, Mary Upton born 6 Jul 1788 and baptised 6 Apr 1846, daughter of Joshua and Anne Parker.  So Mary was born Parker. The 1851 census gives her birthplace as Forton, Shropshire.

In the parish records for All Saints, Forton, Shropshire (FMP image): July 6th Mary dau: of Joshua & Ann Parker was baptized.

The small village of Forton lies just to the north of Newport, Shropshire.  I must have passed through at some time, but I can’t bring it to mind.

Forton, Shropshire: Ordnance Survey 1900, reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

From the parish register for Brewood, written in English:

On the 23rd of February 1863 was buried at St Mary’s Brewood Mary Upton of Bishops Wood.  She died the 20th of February, 1863, aged 75.  R.I.P.  Henry Davey Mis. Ap.

The Daw is bolted

The baptism of Mary Upton into the Catholic church clearly records that she had once been Daw, implying a wedding, but I can find no record of such a marriage.  I think the Daw reference must be in error.


Although Walter and Mary were not direct ancestors, I have learned to understand at least something about Catholic Latin registers so that I may be able to find out more about others in Andrew’s Kindred.

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