Heinz von Hohenebra

Some time ago Brownhills Bob was kind enough to post a short piece about a German prisoner of war named Heinz, which you can find here.  My motivation lay in the hope that someone might be looking for information about their father or grandfather.

Heinz Liesegang (left) and Cpl Derrick Dennis at RAF Tangmere July 1947.

Just yesterday I found an unexplored writing case that belonged to my father and it contained a Christmas card and a letter that gave me Heinz’s name and address:

Heinz Liesegang, Hohenebra, bei [near] Sondershausen, Germany.

Hohenebra is a typical German rural settlement in Thuringen, a six-mile bicycle ride (according to Heinz) south of Sondershausen, which is about 50 km north of Erfurt.  It looks a pleasant little town.

Dad and Heinz exchanged letters until 1961, when the Berlin Wall was put up and they lost contact.  In 1954 Heinz was a foreman at the tractor works in Sondershausen.  A first child was on the way.

Stamps from behind the iron curtain.

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