Leicester City

The other day I had some business at Hinckley, Leicestershire, but bought a return train ticket to the county city.  I had no map or scheme, just turn up and wander about.  Here are a few pics, but first Hinckley.



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The harsh, scorching, June light was not easy to handle!

I didn’t go into the Marquis Wellington – a bit too early for me.


Victoria Park

The shade of the mature lime trees was very welcome.




Various signs proclaim the University.  Also, some of the more interesting houses near the campus.

New Walk

As with many “New” things, this is actually quite old, more than 200 years as England’s first pedestrian-only thoroughfare, though you might notice a transgressor.  Again, the shading limes were welcome.

So, what has this to do with Andrew’s Kindred?

Well, it was their county town, where official things happened, such as the coviction and transportation of John Dennis in 1836.

Back to the station

A few architectural styles in the evolution of the city.

And, after a pint in Chasetown, Anglesey Wharf.

anglesey wharf fading (360x270)
Anglesey Wharf


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