Swanning around

the swan (360x221)
The Swan, Kidderminster.

The other day I went to Kidderminster on a shopping trip.  This was successful and I found Kidderminster to be a quiet, pleasant, pedestrian-friendly town, with a good range of shops.  At lunch time I entered The Swan.

The Swan

I don’t claim any specialist knowledge of ales, pubs or food, but, in my view The Swan is well worth a visit.  Among the ales on sale were Bewdley Brewery’s Worcestershire Sway and Sir Keith ParkSir Keith was the officer commanding the fighter aircraft defence of London in 1940, essentially, as I understand it, Dowding’s right hand man.  Anyway, a bostin’ pint!

To accompany that I ordered one of the day’s specials Glastonbury Lamb, served in mint gravy, with mash, beans and carrot.  Now I pride myself on my roast lamb with mint sauce, but, after this meal, will have to redouble my efforts!

Afterwards I returned to the bar for a second Sir Keith Park and chatted with the landlord.  He was putting on a new ale and pulled me a sample.  This was Bewdley Brewery’s Sunshine, a beautifully clear, blonde ale, 3.8% abv, that was very refreshing.  It is a drink I shall look out for.

The landlord was very friendly and clearly very knowledgeable regarding real ales.  The staff were also friendly, attentive and efficient.  I have a theory that employers tend to recruit like-minded staff, and here is a good example of that.  The pub seems to strike a good locals-diners balance.

Penny postage

Perhaps Kidderminster’s most famous son is Rowland Hill, whom we have to thank for the postal service.  He and his creation are commemorated in the square outside The Swan.

rowland hill (111x360)
Sir Rowland Hill, creator of the penny post.

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