The 1st Bath & Stratfords

The Scottish Play s

As a young man I toured England, mostly, by bicycle.  At some places I encountered hordes of tourists who visited places like London, “Edinborrow”, “Canterberry”, “Saulsberry” and other tourist honeypots, such as Bath and Stratford.  They were as numerous as an army ranging through a foreign land.  My land.  I don’t begrudge them.   After all, they bring much to these fair isles.

But Stratford-upon-Avon is not just for visitors from afar.  Doubtless, if Mr Thomas is gazing down from on high, he will be disappointed that I am not in this traffic- and people-choked town to visit all things Shakespeare.  Although Will (or someone else) wrote some great plays, I have to admit to enjoying some of the ensuing movies more.

I also feel a bit for the locals.  Try getting from A to B for the groceries!

Anyway, here are a few pics, including some for those who like an old building or two.

And down by the riverside.

A good place to watch the world go by and here some interesting, if unintelligible languages.


holy trinity riverside
Riverside by Holy Trinity


And some old buildings.

Some other Shakespeare things.


My favourite thing in the town.

The old hand-cranked ferry, a snip at 50p.





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