Swanning around

Just a few pictures of Tarporley, Cheshire, where I am renting an apartment.  The weather has been changeable and often rather damp.

And the church of St Helen.  I will post some interiors.

st helen tarporley

It is evident that most of the buildings are quite old, and the heart of the village has hardly changed in a hundred years or more.  Clearly, there has been some more recent development on the fringes.  Some new houses are going up at the moment.  The main street is the old A51, main road between Nantwich and Chester.  Today the A51 bypasses the centre.

Tarporley OS 1874 1881
Tarporley. Ordnance Survey. Surveyed 1874, published 1881. Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

I am sure that if some Victorians could return from the churchyard they would recognise the place.  The parkland upper right (grey with sporadic tree symbols) is now a golf course.  The Swan, now a hotel, is a 16th Century coaching inn.


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