Cathedral builders

Today I had some business in Chester.  Having some spare time I visited the cathedral and found something I managed to miss on my last visit.

lego 1
Chester Cathedral in LEGO, under construction

This is a great project!  The idea is that visitors buy a brick for £1.00 and place it on the model.  It is estimated that 350,000 will be needed to complete the model, which might take another three years.  When complete it will about two metres tall.  The model is designed to split down the middle, so that, as well as aiding construction, visitors will be able to walk through.

lego 2
The bit I added is at the far end, like the ones laid out in the background.
lego 3
A different angle.  My bit will go where the builders are working on the cloister.
Part of the real thing.

There is also an exhibition of sculpture, entitled Ark.  This representation of a whale caught my eye.

whale sculpture.JPG

I always like a bit of stained glass.







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