Getting the builders in

Here is the next (short) section of my exploration of the history of my old house and surroundings in Howdles Lane. The series begins here.

deeds 28 p5 crop
Extract from page 5 of the conveyance of 28 Howdles Lane to my father.

Following on from The Pub Shinglers, in which Dad’s uncle Jack sold on the lease to Wallace Shingler, the next incumbent was Frank Malcolm Jackson, from 1955.  I have been able to find out very little about Mr Jackson.  His birth was registered at Cannock in 1929.  In 1955 he married Alvis M P V Flowers.

On 26 May 1951 the freehold was acquired by James Edward Woodcock, of Lower Birches Farm, Rugeley, farmer.  On 31 December 1959 the land was sold on to James William Cresswell for building.   Until that point, Jackson still held the lease, but Cresswell bought out the lease for £320, equivalent to 10 years’ and eight months’ rent.  The term of the ninety nine year lease began on 5 April 1877 and would ordinarily have expired on 4 April 1976.

deeds 28 p2 lease end
Extract from page 2 of the conveyance of 28 Howdles Lane to my father.

A few months later, on 26 July 1959, the completed house, one of nineteen, was conveyed to my father, who became the owner outright.

To come:  Domesday.



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