Snow far …

A few pics from Venetian Marina today.


Dawn. Just poked camera through the front door – too cold to venture outside!
virgin snow
Virgin train passing from Chester towards Crewe (right).
white road
White road and narrowboats at Pontoon B.
Snow beginning to stick again on foredeck.
One way to combat the beast from the east.
blasted fields
Blasted fields to the east. Beyond the trees on the horizon is Crewe, and, further away, the Peak District in the Axe Edge area – you can’t see it from this low down.
odd thaw
Ann odd snow-free circle.

I suspect we’ve had less snow here because we’re in the shadow of the Pennines, in terms of precipitation, with the rude wind’s wild lament hurrying the bitter weather towards Snowdonia.

At first sight this looks rather crowded, but most of the boats are for pleasure, with only about 15 / 100 residential.


One thought on “Snow far …

  1. Some lovely photo’s ,you certainly pick the winter to start your new adventure, keep warm hopefully spring is on it’s way.


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