Pygmalion and the motorbus

The other day I went to Chester.  Parked outside the City Hall was an old bus, which runs tours of the city.

From what I can gather 946 WAE was originally built in 1964 as a single-deck Bedford coach for Wessex Coaches in Bristol. In 1982 it was re-designed and re-built as a replica of a London General Omnibus Company B-Type motorbus.  It has belonged to Chester Heritage since May 2005.

I believe this style of bus was in service from about 1910.  The lady’s costume looks as though it could be from that time, and there is something of Eliza Doolittle about her (as portrayed in My Fair Lady – 1964 movie), based on George Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion, which was first presented in 1913.  It is the sort of vehicle that grandparents and their parents might have used.

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