V is for …

The latest in my ad hoc series on surname origins.

Based on: Reaney, P H, (ed. Wilson, R M), 1997, Oxford Dictionary of English Surnames, 3rd ed., OUP, Oxford, unless otherwise stated.

Van Dyck

Earliest in Andrew’s Kindred: Georgette Van Dyck, who married Allan James Dennis (my 3rd cousin, about whom I know only the rudiments of hatch, match and despatch) in 1945, registered Cannock.  I suspect they met in the Netherlands during the war.  In 1939 James and his mother lived at the corner of Brownhills Road and Norton East Road, Norton Canes, Staffordshire.

Probably someone who lived by a dyke.  Not this sort of dyke, but I like the picture.

Leader, Benjamin Williams, 1831-1923; February, Fill Dyke
Leader, Benjamin Williams; February, Fill Dyke; Birmingham Museums Trust; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/february-fill-dyke-33694


Earliest in Andrew’s Kindred: William Vaughan, father of Susannah, baptised 28 Sep 1794, Hawarden, Flintshire.

From Welsh fychan, mutated to bychan, small or little.


Earliest in Andrew’s Kindred: John Vernon, baptised 22 June 1777, Hanbury, Staffordshire.

From Vernon, a European name, see The Origins of some Anglo-Norman families.

st james the great longdon (480x360)
St James the Great, Longdon, Staffordshire.

John Vernon married Sarah Greatrex (1st cousin 6x removed), who was baptised at Longdon-by-Lichfield, Staffordshire.

2 thoughts on “V is for …

  1. Hi Andrew, reading this item, trip something in my Brain ,i remember my Mother telling me when she was a child living in Norton Canes she and my Grandmother use to visit a family named (surname) Dennis in Norton and my Mother said that Brian Dennis who lives on the Wilkin Estate his from that side of the family.


  2. Thanks, Martin. Anyone named Dennis is certain to be related somehow. I will look further when I get a chance. Yesterday I think I landed in the tiniest ever broadband desert. I’ve only come about 400 yards and now its fine. Time for a beer. It’s 26.6C in the boat.


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