I’ve not been finding time to post of late, but I have visited a few places associated with family history.

On 24 June 1742 6th great grandparents Elizabeth Swan and William Martin were married at All Saints, Lapley, Staffordshire.  I was moored about 2 km away, so I walked along the cut (which these ancestors could not have known) and across fields to see what my ancestors would recognise.

Naturally, the church remains, though, being locked, I could not see the 11th century font and other features that Elizabeth and William would have known.  There are some buildings that they would recognise, such as the Tudor, grade II listed, Lapley Court, though most features that we consider to be old are more recent.

Anyway, here are a few images:


2 thoughts on “Lapley

  1. Beautiful photographs! It sounds like you had a delightful walk. I hope you have photographs of descendants of your 6th gr grandmother, Elizabeth Swan. That way, you must have a more accurate vision of what she may have looked like than I have; because the face of the actress that played Elizabeth Swan in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean flashed into my mind, haha! I’m assuming, no relation??? :o)


    1. Thankyou! Sadly my gallery is much more recent In the 18th century only the wealthy seemed to have portraits, and yet watercolour paints (or dyes) were surely not expensive, being made from natural dyes like woad and madder. I don’t know if many ordinary folk found the time to do something so frivolous as painting. There must have been some tradition of dyeing fabrics, but maybe the Industrial Revolution put paid to homespun artwork by working folk? Maybe it was just easier and cheaper to buy coloured fabrics and then make their own clothes? Maybe, when so many moved from the countryside to industrial towns the source plants were no longer available locally. Somebody must have researched this?

      Pirates, eh? Well, it’s a nice thought, but I think Elizabeth was a country girl. Perhaps she made corn dollies when she had a chance.


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