Hillmorton Locks

I seem to be settling into a routine that more in keeping with other boaters who are continuous cruisers:  cruise a bit, stay a while, cruise a bit … , find a place to revictual – supermarket or delivery, or some local shop where you can get some nice bread or local farm produce, or rhubarb crumble cookies (Napton on the Hill, but, thankfully, the shop is at the lower end!).

I spent a few days above and below Hillmorton Locks.  There are moorings for nomads like me above and below, and shops not too far away if you don’t mind a twenty minute walk (up hill) to Coop Local, post office, Sainsburys Local or Aldi (easily the best).  Hillmorton is essentially an eastern suburb of Rugby.

Anyway, here are a few pics.

Farm on the hill
The farm on the hill.

A hazard of boating is floating debris (not to mention the sunken stuff).  CRT folk (and others) fish this stuff out of the cut and just pile it up.  Eventually, it will rot, but boaters like me will collect the more promising stuff for firewood.  So far, I have managed to be mostly self-sufficient, though I have bought a few logs here and there.

Some miscellaneous images.

St John the Baptist, of which more later.

hillmorton sjtb early
St John the Baptist, Hillmorton. Although the daytime has been unusually warm, it is still frosty early.

And finally …

rugby radio site
Rugby Radio Station site.

Work is going on to prepare for an urban extension to Rugby.  No longer do we see throngs of radio masts, perhaps missed more by users of the Watling Street or M1, which are in the background somewhere.  More about the site here.

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