Pretty bricks

Going south along the Staffs & Worcs Canal towards Wombourne, there emerges a glimpse of something quite unusual, but its full grandeur is only revealed by leaving the cut and going a short way along Bratch Lane.  Mind the traffic!

Pumping Station 0 approach
Approaching The Bratch. Note ringed area (zoomed in below).

Pumping Station 0 approach z
Zooming in on the ringed area (above).  The rooftop to the right of the flagpole is atop the turret at Bratch Locks (of which more in another post).

The images above were taken in the gloaming, they do give a hint of what can be seen with a very little effort.

I really do think that heritage like this ought to be shown off at its best.  The trees and hedge impair the visual experience and ought to be removed.

This is The Bratch Pumping Station, built to supply drinking water to Bilston, by feeding a purpose-built reservoir on the Bilston – Wolverhampton border.  Electric pumps were installed in 1960, but one of the original steam engines has been restored.  There is more from The Friends of the Bratch, though the last update was in 2010.

The Pumping Station is a Grade II* listed building in Venetian Gothic Revival style with Scottish Baronial details – see Historic England for more detail.

This is about the best view:

Pumping Station 3
The Bratch Pumping Station (July 2019), peering over the fence / hedge.

Note that Bratch Lane is quite busy and there is no footway, so pedestrians must be vigilant.  There is a small car park off Bratch Lane just east of the canal bridge.

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