Relight my fire

Preparing my narrowboat against the menace of storm Dennis.

WM nr Dunchurch Pools
A quiet spot in the countryside, on the Oxford Canal (North).

Yesterday, I moored in this tranquil bit of Northamptonshire.  I was short of coal and needed a pump out before the weekend, but this was part of a plan.  Dunchurch Pools marina was only about 300 metres away.

I would have to come in from the right, then do a U-turn to get on the service dock, port side on, and that is what I did this morning.  Dunchurch Pools is quite new, and further extension is planned.  The service was excellent, and prices reasonable.

nearby boats
Nearby boats

It’s a good idea in adverse weather to moor near other boats, which I did just short of Willoughby Wharf, so only a short cruise.

Some shelter from the hedge, and things that usually live on the roof, weighed down by 25 litres of water – the same as a sack of coal, or half a hundredweight in old money.

Plenty of stove fuel, just a sample.

essential fluids

And finally, a sample of essential body fluids!

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