Whiskey Mac

Followers will have noticed that I have moved onto a narrowboat named Whiskey Mac.  The name came with the boat.  Had it been my choice (and I could rename, but it would require a paint job) I would not have included the “e”, as I really prefer whisky from Scotland, though I admit to enjoying Irish, American and other whiskies from time to time.

So, there will be some posts about living on a narrowboat.  So far my blogs about my cruising have coincided with family history, but, increasingly I suspect, they will be more about boating and other aspects of history and geography.

Having written that, I will continue with my research into family history and the history surrounding my ancestors as I think it might have affected their lives.  It would be nice if some of my ancestors, Andrew’s Kindred, had been influential, and maybe some were on a small scale, but, just like most of us, they were less influencing than influenced.

The characteristics and nomadic whereabouts of narrowboat Whiskey Mac will become more apparent as I go along.