Gnosall Heath

Continuing my journey in Evans’ wake.

I had been to Gnosall many times in my cycling years, but, apart from thinking the canalside was a  colourful view, and the Boat Inn a pleasant lunch venue, I had passed through without noticing much else.  Having cruised up from Norbury Junction, I found a nice shady spot within staggering distance of the Navigation Inn. Continue reading “Gnosall Heath”


Ancient and Modern

moat 5
Remains of Norbury Manor, 700 years old.

One of the things I have been determined to do while cruising is to visit places near to the cut, but of interest in other contexts.  Yesterday, I set off to see what remains of the ancient Norbury Manor, marked on modern Ordnance Survey (OS) maps as “moat”, and similarly marked on the OS map surveyed in 1880.  I also found something still more ancient, and something futuristic. Continue reading “Ancient and Modern”

V is for …

The latest in my ad hoc series on surname origins.

Based on: Reaney, P H, (ed. Wilson, R M), 1997, Oxford Dictionary of English Surnames, 3rd ed., OUP, Oxford, unless otherwise stated.

Van Dyck

Earliest in Andrew’s Kindred: Georgette Van Dyck, who married Allan James Dennis (my 3rd cousin, about whom I know only the rudiments of hatch, match and despatch) in 1945, registered Cannock.  I suspect they met in the Netherlands during the war.  In 1939 James and his mother lived at the corner of Brownhills Road and Norton East Road, Norton Canes, Staffordshire. Continue reading “V is for …”

High Offley

Just a short trip today:  about two hours to just short of the Anchor Inn, by Anchor Bridge (42).  It was windy and the head wind made a real difference.  Normally, I pass moored boats at about 1,000 rpm (a pity so many don’t!), but needed 1,300 to maintain headway.

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Market Drayton

For the last few days I have been at Market Drayton, while some engineering work was carried out on my boat, of which more in another post.

I have been to “Drayton”, as the locals say, several times to play hockey, but never before visited the town centre.  Here are images from this pleasant town with several pubs, a
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Supply boats at Betton Mill

Betton Mill, Market Drayton.

These boats moored up next to me while I awaited professional attention to my ailing batteries and inverter charger, of which more later.

They supply coal, gas, fenders, pump out and other services and goods to other boats on the cut.   The Chamberlain Carrying Company.

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