Getting my stove in order

Now that winter is in full swing having some radiant heat is an improvement on the more general heat that my fan heaters provide.  Really, it’s something of luxury, especially as mains electricity is included in the mooring fee.  Nonetheless, it was worthwhile getting the stove in full working order.

This is what I “inherited”.  A bit rusty on top, almost no fire bricks and no throat plate.  I had used it, but when the rope seal in the inside of the door fell off, I thought it best to get it sorted out.

Enter Dave the engineer at Venetian.  But first, the weather:

And now …

Give it up for Dave!


Travels on Shanks’s Pony

Here are a few pictures from recent walks.  On Friday I decided to walk all the way to Nantwich along the cut, which, at a relaxed pace, took just two hours.  It was not a great day for photography, but was a pleasant outing.

layered hedge
Hedge laying on the Middlewich Branch.

At Barbridge Junction I turned left (east) towards Nantwich. Continue reading “Travels on Shanks’s Pony”

A Venetian Postcard

whiskey mac venetian
In Venetian Marina: Whiskey Mac mainly pale yellow.

Well, I finally moved on board on 1 November, a lovely day.  Most of the boats are in leisure moorings, so it’s much quieter than it might appear.  In the background the Crewe to Chester railway crosses over the Shropshire Union Canal, and I had feared that the trains would be noisy.  As it turns out I don’t really notice them much, except that some cause the TV signal to break up for a second or so. Continue reading “A Venetian Postcard”

Steam Mill Street

Way back in 1836 Edward Evans was baptised in the Primitive Methodist Chapel on Steam Mill Street, Chester.  According to the register it was on 25 May 1836.  Edward was born on 5 January of that year in the parish of St John’s, the sixth child of William Evans and Priscilla Mould (sic).  So, as I am staying nearby, I went to Chester to see what remains.  Edward was my grandmother’s grandfather.  Some of his story is told in Evans the Boat.

edward evans 1836 baptism
Edward Evans baptism.

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Last week I stayed at Summerfield, just outside Kidderminster.  On Wednesday I doubled up boat-hunting with a trip to Worcester.  Here are few pictures of the cathedral and a few other things that caught my eye.

My main objective was Diglis Basin, but as I approached the cathedral the rain began.  But first, one of the city’s famous residents. Continue reading “Worcester”