Getting the builders in

Here is the next (short) section of my exploration of the history of my old house and surroundings in Howdles Lane. The series begins here.

deeds 28 p5 crop
Extract from page 5 of the conveyance of 28 Howdles Lane to my father.

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Getting my stove in order

Now that winter is in full swing having some radiant heat is an improvement on the more general heat that my fan heaters provide.  Really, it’s something of luxury, especially as mains electricity is included in the mooring fee.  Nonetheless, it was worthwhile getting the stove in full working order.

This is what I “inherited”.  A bit rusty on top, almost no fire bricks and no throat plate.  I had used it, but when the rope seal in the inside of the door fell off, I thought it best to get it sorted out.

Enter Dave the engineer at Venetian.  But first, the weather:

And now …

Give it up for Dave!

Strange marriage

What is the likelihood of two couples with identical names being married in the same quarter?  Well, I guess if they were John Smith and Mary Jones it would not be such a surprise,  but in this case they were Josiah Cooper and Edith Maria Birch. Continue reading “Strange marriage”

The Pub Shinglers

One of the earliest mysteries in Andrew’s KIndred was The Pub Dennises.  This concerned a number of descendants of second great grandfather Henry Dennis, about whom my folks new next to nothing.  Well, there is a parallel with the Shinglers, some of whom married Dennises.  I asked a Shingler if she knew anything about her publican relatives and she knew not.  This follows the most recent (John I Chapter V) in my sequence on my old house and surroundings, as Dad’s uncle Jack sold on the lease to Wallace John Shingler; 14 July 1948, below. Continue reading “The Pub Shinglers”

John I Chapter V

Here is the next section of my exploration of the history of my old house and surroundings in Howdles Lane. The series begins here.  I have now arrived at 1877.

lease john dennis 1877
Extract from the abstract – land leased to John Dennis in 1877.

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Howdle’s Cottages: How old?!

howdles cottages os 1882 1883
It’s that plan again.  Howdles Cottages. Ordnance Survey, surveyed 1882, published 1883. Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

In the 1871 census the six pairs of cottages, edged red above, were known as Howdle’s Row, but by 1881 had become Howdle’s Cottages.

When were Howdle’s Cottages built?

When they were demolished in about 1967 it was said that the cottages were about 200 years old. Martin Littler, who grew up in one of them recently reminded us that it was what people said at the time, both on BrownhillsBob’s Brownhills Blog and to me in person. But why build back then? Continue reading “Howdle’s Cottages: How old?!”

Travels on Shanks’s Pony

Here are a few pictures from recent walks.  On Friday I decided to walk all the way to Nantwich along the cut, which, at a relaxed pace, took just two hours.  It was not a great day for photography, but was a pleasant outing.

layered hedge
Hedge laying on the Middlewich Branch.

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