Snow far …

A few pics from Venetian Marina today.


Dawn. Just poked camera through the front door – too cold to venture outside!
virgin snow
Virgin train passing from Chester towards Crewe (right).
white road
White road and narrowboats at Pontoon B.
Snow beginning to stick again on foredeck.
One way to combat the beast from the east.
blasted fields
Blasted fields to the east. Beyond the trees on the horizon is Crewe, and, further away, the Peak District in the Axe Edge area – you can’t see it from this low down.
odd thaw
Ann odd snow-free circle.

I suspect we’ve had less snow here because we’re in the shadow of the Pennines, in terms of precipitation, with the rude wind’s wild lament hurrying the bitter weather towards Snowdonia.

At first sight this looks rather crowded, but most of the boats are for pleasure, with only about 15 / 100 residential.



Travels on Shanks’s Pony

Here are a few pictures from recent walks.  On Friday I decided to walk all the way to Nantwich along the cut, which, at a relaxed pace, took just two hours.  It was not a great day for photography, but was a pleasant outing.

layered hedge
Hedge laying on the Middlewich Branch.

At Barbridge Junction I turned left (east) towards Nantwich. Continue reading “Travels on Shanks’s Pony”


Last week I stayed at Summerfield, just outside Kidderminster.  On Wednesday I doubled up boat-hunting with a trip to Worcester.  Here are few pictures of the cathedral and a few other things that caught my eye.

My main objective was Diglis Basin, but as I approached the cathedral the rain began.  But first, one of the city’s famous residents. Continue reading “Worcester”

A postcard from Carlton Miniott

(I began writing this on Friday last:  please bear with me.)

st lawrence carlton miniott
St Lawrence, Carlton Miniott, North Yorkshire.

“Where?!”, I hear you chorus. Continue reading “A postcard from Carlton Miniott”

Stourport on Severn: a postcard

the tontine front (480x238)
The Tontine, Stourport on Severn

Here I am at The Tontine, in Stourport on Severn, Worcestershire.  The view from the doorstep shows the short route into town via the broad lock gate next to Clock Basin.  Stourport in a pleasant little Georgian town, though the traffic is a nuisance.  Apparently, it is the only town created as a result of canal building, being an important inland port Continue reading “Stourport on Severn: a postcard”

Evans the Boat

I thought that Evans would be the most difficult line to trace, as this is among the most frequent Welsh names. The boatman angle was going to make life more difficult. They moved about, sometimes as nomadic as Gypsies, and their children were baptised all over the place, but, at least, usually near to a canal. To some degree I was luckier than most, because, although it appears the earlier boatmen in Andrew’s Kindred lived on the water, later generations would live on land and have a fixed abode.

When Dad turned seventy we took a canal boat holiday. We hired a narrowboat, the sort one sees on the canal today, but this was a luxurious far cry from the existence of Continue reading “Evans the Boat”