The Ancient House of Medlicott

When I first encountered an ancestor whose name was Medlicott I thought it was just another name, but then I learned the Medlicotts were from a place named Medlicott.  Generally speaking, that means they were either slaves or gentry.  Then I found a history online: gentry, landed gentry.  So who were these Medlicotts?

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Here is the last instalment of my exploration of the land upon which my old house stood in Howdles Lane, and the surrounding area.  It all began here.

The earliest information about land ownership in the area is probably the Domesday survey of 1086 and its references to who owned land at the time of the Norman Conquest in 1066.  The area is in the section about the manor of Lichfield, which was held in both 1086 and 1066 by the Bishop of Chester, see below. Continue reading “Domesday”

Getting the builders in

Here is the next (short) section of my exploration of the history of my old house and surroundings in Howdles Lane. The series begins here.

deeds 28 p5 crop
Extract from page 5 of the conveyance of 28 Howdles Lane to my father.

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