The Ancient House of Medlicott

When I first encountered an ancestor whose name was Medlicott I thought it was just another name, but then I learned the Medlicotts were from a place named Medlicott.  Generally speaking, that means they were either slaves or gentry.  Then I found a history online: gentry, landed gentry.  So who were these Medlicotts?

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Shared Ancestor Hint: Onion

Recently, Ancestry alerted me to a potential shared ancestor with a tree named jdenny648.  This is based on DNA profiles.  In previous examples of such hints the links shown through people in the respective trees have turned out to be solid, even when the degree of confidence was “moderate”.  This apparent connection was moderate also, but only at about 20% (going on the indicator bar).  Here is an image. Continue reading “Shared Ancestor Hint: Onion”