Stoke Locks

Sometimes you wonder …

Cockshutts Lock 1
Stoke, second lock, going up: there is a boat exiting. Reversed, stopped, manoeuvred, repeated, waited patiently, etc., passed.  Easy peasy, but when I got there the gate was shut. Wankers!!!!!!

Now, imagine you are piloting the boat exiting the lock.  Can you see my boat?   No?  Well, go see an optician!  They shut the fucking gates!!  Bastards!!  “Couldn’t see you for the bridge”.  Crew of five!

Swearing is something  I rarely do, but, while I am happy to navigate locks single-handed (actually it’s usually easier), I don’t like dickheads making it more difficult.

This is the culprit.

So, Chas. if you’re passing educate your clients.






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