Supply boats at Betton Mill

Betton Mill, Market Drayton.

These boats moored up next to me while I awaited professional attention to my ailing batteries and inverter charger, of which more later.

They supply coal, gas, fenders, pump out and other services and goods to other boats on the cut.   The Chamberlain Carrying Company.

supply boats Betton Mill
Supply boats and Betton Mill, Market Drayton
supply boats leaving Betton Mill
Leaving Betton Mill
Mountbatten …
Mountbatten and butty
… and butty Jellicoe

While waiting to leave, the lady steering the butty told me their boats were built in 1960 as a last attempt to revive commerce on the canals.  The butty boat has no engine and is towed by the lead boat, Mountbatten.  This really is an operation requiring considerable skill, and they have my admiration.  Betton Mill is now converted to apartments.  In fourth great grandfather William Evans’ day it would have been a thriving place along with Talbot Wharf, just beyond the mill.

I find it a bit odd that while a butty boat is subservient to the lead boat, in a coal mine the butty was more of a leader.

Over the last few days I’ve had to ration my use of juice, which is why I have been offline most of the time, but I will blog about the experience when I get the time.

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